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Internships and opportunity for International Voluntary Service


We offer volunteers the opportunity to participate for one year at an interesting model.  250 adults with intellectual disabilities are currently living In our two communities Sassen and Richthof in 26 extended families with house parents (if applicable their children) and one or two volunteers .

The two villages include agriculture, two horticultures, bakery, candle workshop, dyeing workshop, two weaveries, two joineries, three  potteries, two janitor workshops, two cafés and one shop.

A variety of artistic and cultural activities and courses are open to everyone.

Volunteers experience in our extended families the engagement  for community building that integrates, develops and promotes the different talents.  For one year they are household members and assist in the care and in the workshops.

To get to know People and learn to understand them, to work together,  to help each other and learn from each other - in the family, at work and after work - are essentials of the internship.

The remuneration for the volunteers contains social and health insurance, accommodation, meals and pocket money.

Requests for additional information or applications, please contact:



contact person:Esther Peiker
 (Mo.-Thue., 8:00 - 12:00 o'clock)
email address:kontakt(at)lebensgemeinschaft(dot)de
(or contact form!) >>>