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About us

In the two villages, Sassen and Richthof, there are at present 250 mentally disabled adults, men and women, who live in 26 large families.

The families consist of 8-12 disabled members, the parents of the home, mostly with their own children as well, and also people who are with the community on practical courses or who work here instead of doing their military service.

The usual domestic duties, including cooking, are carried out by the mother in charge and her helpers. Those who don't work in the home spend their time working in our varios handicraft workshops.

An essential task of the community is the provision of a healthy cultural life. Exercising social skills and finding suitable forms of recreation are considered-important aspects. Choir, orchestra, folk-dancing, eurythmy, painting, theatre, concerts and lectures all form part of our recreation program.

The community derives its inspiration and support from the teachings of Anthroposophy and the gospels.

The annual Christian festivals and the weekly Saturday evening bible evenings as well as the Sunday service, play a most important part in our community life.